I know, and I’m sorry

I know, and I’m sorry.

I’m not just apologising to the few of you who read this blog regularly, but to myself. I’ve been away from blogging for more than a month now. The combination of a seriously substandard internet connection (seriously Tonga, get your act together), and the mind-numbing work of copy-editing my novel have made me unenthusiastic about posting regularly. Hell, I haven’t even been cooking anything new recently. Instead, I’ve been returning to old favourites, most of which I’ve already posted about on here. But no longer. While my parents were away I had to get lifts to the gym (I don’t have a license), and I compensated for this favour by providing baked goods. I found some great healthy recipes, and rediscovered some old faves that I haven’t posted about on here. So expect some posts on those soon-ish. I’m not going to dedicate myself to a rigid posting schedule at this point. While I generally love structure, creatively I find it stifling, as it sucks all the joy out of creating new things when you have to constantly churn them out. So, I will try to post at least one thing a week. Whether it’s a complete recipe, or a link to someone else’s recipe spiced up with some photos and thoughts on the recipe, I want to post things that I’m happy with, rather than posting just because it’s a Wednesday.

I won’t make any promises (to you, or to myself), except that I’m going to try to do better.