Thanks to my kitchen hands

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank my kitchen hands aka: my mum and dad. They have been great about helping out with my cooking, both for the blog and in general. They’re always willing to lend a helping hand with the cooking, and seem to be enjoying their jobs as amateur food critics.

I don’t particularly like handling raw meat (the texture grosses me out), and they have both been more than happy to do whatever I need when prepping raw meat. I also have a really strong reaction to chopping onions, I have to wear goggles otherwise I start crying like a baby (snot and everything. Ew!). Mum has been great about chopping onions for me (sometimes in exchange for me doing the dishes, but hey at least washing up doesn’t make me cry). She’s generally happy to help with anything I need from chopping veges to stirring sauces, and providing an ‘expert’ opinion while deciphering instructions and deciding whether something is properly cooked.

One thought on “Thanks to my kitchen hands

  1. ljbrown242 says:

    Thanks Jess, happy to help as we get to enjoy the results. Also I think we know that I’m not consistent with planning or cooking so letting you just get on with whatever you like to do in the kitchen has been great for all three of us.


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