Meal planning

I love cooking (obviously), but sometimes by the end of a long day I don’t feel like cooking dinner. So at the start of each week/fortnight I do up a meal plan, and stick it to the fridge. I started doing meal plans because my mum said she could never decide what we should make for dinner so she asked my to write up a meal plan for her. After a month or so of doing meal plans for mum I took over most of the cooking as well.

A meal plan helps me get excited about cooking dinner every night, because I can plan out which new recipes I’m going to try. It also means that if I don’t want to cook Mum or Dad knows what to make. The meal plan never looks quite the same by the end of the week, but it still helps to have a rough guide.

It’s great for helping to organise grocery shopping too. Most of the fruit and veggies here are untreated/un-certified organic which means they don’t last long. Knowing when you’re going to need different veggies means you can buy them as you need them rather than letting them go to waste in your fridge.

We have the luxury of a large chest freezer and a decent sized pantry in our house which means we can buy some things in bulk. The ability to buy in bulk is great in Tonga, because you can’t always guarantee what is going to be available from week to week.

My meal plans are normally pretty good at helping me to create a balanced variety of meals as well. I can make sure we don’t have too much red meat, or not enough fish by planning it in advance. Although it does make it harder to trick mt dad into eating vegetarian food.



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