Green Tea and Sesame Tuna

I wasn’t sure how this recipe would go down with my parents because neither of them like green tea. Luckily the green tea taste wasn’t too strong and they both really liked the flavouring with the tuna. Continue reading


Black Bean Burgers

Just a quick post tonight. I love black beans and use them whenever possible. They are especially great for making vegetarian meals that satisfy picky meat-eaters like my father. These black bean rissoles are a great substitute for when you just don’t feel like eating meat. Continue reading

Chilli Relish

Another internet outage has caused a bit of a delay with uploading this one so I though I’d share it before the internet cuts out again. This recipe is a family recipe given to me by my mum’s friend Karen. Karen was kind enough to show me how to make it when she visited so I thought I would share the delicious results. Continue reading

Spiced Caramel Cake

We have a friend visiting at the moment which means that my mum’s rule about only baking healthy things has loosened slightly. Which is both great and terrible. It does mean that I got to bring out an excellent recipe book we have called Quick-Mix Cakes, which is filled with delicious and super easy recipes.
Continue reading